Bobby & Toby (Harry) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

My Family and I first adopted Bobby just after Christmas 2012, when we first saw him he was like a large teddy bear, all covered in hair, and had the sweetest face!!...Because it was Christmas we had to wait until new year, so we went to visit him every day. When we finally took him home, he really took to my husband Robert, Bobby is undoubtedly his dog!!...we all used to take him for walks, and I soon realised that thanks to him we were becoming even closer as a Family. He was very good with my children (aged 9 & 7 at the tame), and also with any other little ones that came to visit. On the August Bank Holiday 2013, we looked after our friends dog(Jake), and him and Bobby played lovely, when Jake went home Bobby used to cry at the window, and we decided maybe he needed a permanent friend. Without telling my husband, the children and I went back to the Dog's Trust a few times, but they didn't have a suitable friend. Finally one day, we were told about a little Jack Russell cross called Toby, he was still under assessment, and he had a family with him at that time, if they didn't want him, we could see him. They didn't want him. As soon as I set my eyes in him, I knew I wanted to take him home. I just had to pray that my husband would let me, and Bobby would like him!!......within a week he was home, and he immediately took to me, which was nice!! We changed his name to Harry. I can't begin to tell you what they mean to us, to me. In the last year I've lost my Aunt to cancer and my Grandad, and they have been of great comfort to me. They are not just our pets, they are our Family and our friends. We walk them 3 times a day, and they have a dog flap so they can get to the garden, even though they're never left for more than 4 hours at a time. We leave next to a large park, so they can run around with their friends, and also to the woods, were they love to investigate. Apart from every so often rolling in fox poo, they don't really have any bad habits. Bobby quite literally asks for walks, and sometimes moans like a grumpy old man, and Harry is quite the attention seeker, he collapses on the floor for the kids to rub his tummy!! We look forward to many happy years with them, and we would like to thank you all for matching is with them. Keep up the good work!!! Kind regards, The Graham Family.