Beau from Canterbury

Beau (then named Roo) was the last window and shared his space with a scruffy little terrier who was mothering him. As I approached he turned and faced me and sat upright with a clear message to take him home. He is the first of now 8 animals I. Our family including horses, cats and three more dogs and he is special. Beau was brought over from Ireland in a rescued pack of strays and had already formed a great bond with Nico and Laura at the Canterbury Centre. It struck us then how remarkable the dogs are and The Dogs Trust for believing in them. Beau, affectionately called "The Buffalo" because of his enthusiastic strength when it is time for a walk, came to London and did not know how to climb stairs, understand what toys were and loathed cyclists. We soon all adjusted and this lovable, funny lab x is today the first of a pack of 4 in our home but he has a special place. We now live in the country where he walks for miles, comes out to the stables, loves the woods, water and head on a warm fireplace in winter. He is an incredibly handsome boy that gets people talking about what his X is ( it is boxer according to the DNA results) and he takes a beautiful photo. We are so blessed to have him and thank you for finding him.