Moses from Manchester

I first met Moses on the Manchester centre's grand opening, as soon as I set my eyes on him, I knew I wanted to bring him home, I always heard of people saying that before, but I never believed it could possibly be true, until it happened to me. I saw him bouncing about in his kennel and I knew within seconds. He'll have been home with me now a month on Saturday and it already feels like he's been here forever. We love going on long walks around the area where his obsession with birds always gives me a good laugh, but he prefers to play with his toys inside, when we return and he has -what as a family we have dubbed- his mad half hour. He loves his cuddles when he's settled down and will curl up on my lap for the night, in his mind the closer he is to you, the better. I don't think any dog could have fit this family better either, since he came over from Ireland, and we're of Irish decent too (my grandparents were Irish) it's like he was destined to end up with us. He's just as nuts as I am, and I couldn't love him more for it. I also can't thank Dogs Trust enough for bringing him into my life.