Shelley from Bridgend (Wales)

I first saw shelley on the dogs trust website, I had lost my dog to cancer 6 weeks earlier and my remaining dog was very down. When I saw shelley I knew she was the one. We travelled from Cheshire down to South Wales to see her, when I saw her I just wanted to bring her home that day. Because Shelley was so timid we were advised to do multiple visits, and despite the distance I was happy to do that, we were lucky enough on the second visit to be able to take her home. We love Shelley so much she has eased the pain of losing a dog and seeing her go from a very timid little girl scared of her own shadow to one who is full of confidence and basically rules our house. She is full of character, very loving and cuddly and she just fills us with joy. I have 3 dogs altogether now and I no longer work so we enjoy long walks together.