Freddie from Evesham (Worcestershire)

We were ideally looking for a 2 to 3 year old female but when we went to Evesham in March 2013 all the suitable females were reserved. I didn't want to leave without choosing one and my husband suggested looking again for a male. Freddie was about the only one who was of the right size for us. We didn't want a small dog but we also didn't want a dog that was too big for us either. Freddie's age was a stumbling block for me as he was 5.5 years old, but we were assured he was house trained. We asked to see him and took him for a bit of a walk. He was so enthusiastic when he saw us. We talked about having him for a while and decided that we would adopt him. We've had dogs before, and when we lost the last one through her ill health we couldn't have another one due to me working full time and we felt it wouldn't be fair. I am recovering from breast cancer which was diagnosed in August 2010. By the time we saw Freddie, I had finished the chemo, had my mastectomy, and finished radiotherapy, although I was waiting to have reconstruction surgery, and we felt the time was right. He has really helped me with depression and has got me out of the house taking him wackiest. He has a wonderful temperament and is great with the grandchildren. I love him dearly and wouldn't be without him!