Louis from Basildon (Essex)

7 month old pug x patterdale Louis had just been brought back into Dogs trust by his new owners a week after being adopted due to an allergy when we went into the centre. Luckily for us this meant we were first to get to meet him and immediately he won us over with his sweet but cheeky nature. We did however have to wait for Louis to be cat tested before knowing if he would be ours. The results came back that with some time he would be likely to accept the cat. We took Louis home and everything went very smoothly and he was a very well behaved boy. The cat tolerance took some time and occasionally I wondered if we'd ever get there but i'm pleased to say we can now have the cat and Louis together in the same room. Louis makes us laugh and smile every day and we couldn't imagine life without him now (even the days when hes being a typical puppy!) we enjoy lots of long walks together including with friends dogs for some playtime. Now we're looking forward to Louis turning 1 in the new year so we can start on some agility which Louis has already shown a nack for in a few trial runs. We continue to sponsor dogs and will be taking some gifts into the center this christmas as a thanks to the dogs trust for the work they do. Hopefully one day we'll be back for a playmate for Louis too! :)