Lizzie & Bonnie from Merseyside (Liverpool)

I had not long lost my previous dog Eddie to cancer April 2013, I was heartbroken and the house seemed so empty without him. I was browsing the website and came across Lizzie. She seemed so different to Eddie. A black Labrador cross, she seemed larger and had a lovely smile, so we went to visit her... she was huge and furry with the most gorgeous brown eyes. She was so gentle, she had a look of 'been here before' about her... she had. We were to be her 4th family and we will be her last. In October 2013, again I was browsing the website, we went to see another dog but unfortunately it wasn't suitable for us, we looked and another and she didn't like cats (of which we have 2). We were about leave when we were called back to have a look at this other dog, a new visitor who wasn't happy being at the kennels. That's when Bonnie (the smaller dog in the picture) bounced into our lives... the complete opposite to Lizzie. She loves her cuddle and hugs, Lizzie is rather independent but comes for her occasional cuddle. Bonnie loves running and chasing, Lizzie loves sleeping. Although they both love the water, they love streams, the beach, the sea, lakes. Bonnie gets so excited and dives in, Lizzie loves paddling. They are chalk and cheese yet compliment each other so well. I couldn't imagine our lives without them!!