Harry from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

This is our lovely border collie Harry, who is now about 6 years old. He came from the Kenilworth rehoming centre which we decided to visit after we had been judging at a horse show in Lapworth, in fact we also ended up buying another horse after this show so it proved to be quite an eventful weekend in our household! Tim saw Harry first, he was last in the line of glass fronted kennels and was sat leaning against the glass waiting to see if we walked by or stopped, of course we stopped! He was a lovely boy, looking a bit confused but with the most striking ice blue eyes and a kind friendly face-we had to meet him and find out more! Harry had, like a lot of his fellow rescue dogs, had a tough start to life, and the staff warned of some issues we needed to be aware of. We decided he needed a chance and asked to rehome him and eventually he came to his new home with us and our four horses in rural Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. Harry trusted us almost immediately, although was nervous of strangers, particularly men however immediately was best friend with our teenage son Liam. With gentle encouragement, understanding of the breed and some socialising at a weekly obedience training class he blossomed. Harry has given us some wonderful times, his hilarious antics of guarding all the boots in the entrance porch from any visitors to the house, climbing up to the top of bales of hay in the barn and not least his very favourite activity of swimming in the shallows of the River Wye in Ross in summer, it's a challenge to get him out of there! He and his best friend Belle, another collie we rescued to keep him company accompany us to most places and are great horse herding dogs! He loves the rural life he shares with us and he and Belle love nothing more than to play in the fields and hills at home every day. We are so happy we decided to visit that day and found Harry. We now are monthly sponsors of The Dogs Trust so other dogs can get the same chance as Harry did.