Indi from Harefield (West London)

Apparently Indi was a little monkey at the Dogs Trust. Only 4 months old and being kept apart from the other youngsters as she was too boisterous with them! It was felt she needed a pack to keep her in line. Having 3 other dogs we brought little Indi home with us. Her favourite activity was paddling all the water from the bowls and trying to take over as boss dog! Dear old Billy (also from Dog's trust, Harefield, soon put Indi in her place! That didn't stop her trying though. It took a lot...and I mean a lot...of training! Now at 3 years of age she is very obedient (nearly all the time!) and very very loving. Indi has been a challenge and hard work .... it is true that jack russels are BIG dogs in little bodies :) Now she enjoys 2 long outings every day with her pack mates and curls up with us for cuddles in the evening.