Obi from Glasgow

When we moved to our new house late in 2006 we knew the one thing that was missing was a dog and the Dogs Trust was the natural choice for us. The helpful staff suggested an older dog,which we thought was a great idea. It's an old cliche but it really was love at first sight when we saw Duke-quickly renamed as Obi by us Star Wars fans! He was 7 when we brought him home-this picture was taken the day we brought him home in March 2007-and he's been a constant joy to us every day since. He comes everywhere with us and he loves being in the car! As he's now almost 15 he's not quite the spring chicken he used to be,arthritis and bronchitis have been hard for him,but he quickly adapted to taking his inhaler when he needs it,bless him. Adopting him was the best thing we've ever done-HE made OUR lives better and seeing his face first thing every morning just makes my day❤️