Clint from Harefield (West London)

We visited Harefield searching for a dog. After a walk around we went to desk to discover that both dogs we wanted further information on, had actually already been reserved. But the lady said there was dog who hadn't been there long who might suit us. So off she went to collect Clint. It was shock seeing Clint for the first time. He is a dwarf Labrador cross. So he has the normal sized body and short legs. Although we only discovered his actual breed more recently, at the time we just figured he had a bit of terrier in him. Even the lady said I thought he'd be bigger!!! He had come as a stray from Ireland, so was skinny, ribs could be seen. He had his cone on due to recent surgery, he had conjunctivitis, so his eyes were sticky, and he'd caught kennel cough. Oh did he look sorry for himself. And all six of us fell instantly in love xxx Clint came to his forever home almost five years ago. We've had our ups and downs. The major down was him losing his eyesight in his left eye. It's apparently a trait of his breed. But he's adapted well. We don't know Clint's exact age but believe him to be about 11/12. So as befitting for a gentleman of his age he prefers cuddles and dozes to chasing his tail. But still has his mad moments. His photo shows him getting ready for Christmas 2014