Mia from Glasgow

We visited Dogs Trust Glasgow looking to add to our family with a puppy. When we were first introduced to Mia and her 2 brothers they were known as the Hog-Ma-Nay puppies, Mia was then known as Ma, and straight away my husband picked out Mia, and when i held her for the first time my heart melted and we knew she was what we were looking for. Ever since then she has filled our lives with so much happiness, laughter, and love. I also have a step daughter who has a best friend in Mia as they have grown up together. Mia loves dogs and people so our favorite thing to do together is socialise were she can run free with her friends and just be a dog. She is also very affectionate and always likes to be close to you. I cannot thank Dogs Trust enough for bringing Mia into our lives, there is no better charity out there. Thank You!