MABLE from Newbury (Berkshire)

I first came across Mable strolling on Dartmoor. She was very scared and lost. Long story short she slipped her lead from a elderly Gent who was looking after her, while her owner was recovering from a Heart condition. I managed to track her down and re homed her as her owner's were unable to cope due to illness. We have since relocated to France where her Narcolepsy has improved 95%. Sadly she has just been diagnosed with Bone Cancer. I have taken her to the best scan in France outside Paris. And is now waiting on Surgery to remove her Back leg. Then a course of Chemo. She is only 8 and I have had the best 5 years with her, We need longer. She helped me through my long illness and now I am going to do the best for her. Even if I have to sell my house. Prayers and thoughts welcome