Poppy from Loughborough

I knew Poppy from the Merseyside centre as I was a carer there who looked after her. I originally fostered Poppy and would take her home with me after work and keep her home on days off to help with her socialisation and stress levels. Last year a decision was made for Poppy to go to the STAR unit at Loughborough in the hopes of finding her a permanent home. I waved a very tearful goodbye to her in May 2013 and began fostering other dogs. In July 2013 my partner and I decided that Poppy had been a huge part of our lives and we really missed her, even with her behavioural problems. We began to take steps in adopting Poppy officially. Firstly we found a house with a garden for Poppy to have (when we fostered we had lived in a small flat) that was in a quiet area. Poppy is very nervous of strangers so we knew we'd need somewhere peaceful for her. Then we contacted Loughborough and made arrangements to adopt Poppy. At the end of August 2013 Poppy officially became part of our family. Though she still has issues with strangers Poppy is the most beautifully natured dog with us and slowly we are teaching her that the world is not a big scary place, that she is safe when we are with her. I couldn't imagine life without Poppy now and hope to have many more years with her in it.