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24th January 2020

Reuben from Snetterton (Norfolk)

We first went to the trust after unfortunately loosing our first rescue didn't go as planned, so we are unsure about getting another dog, However when we see Reubens picture up on the website we couldn't help ourselves and had to see him, and with that being said my partner feel in love with him straight away as did I, we visited him 3 times before we took him home and each time he saw us through the glass he was bouncy and happy to see us, once we got him home he settled in straight away, he is such a character.

22nd January 2020

Milo from Basildon (Essex)

When I first saw milo's picture on your website I knew that he was perfect for us, I don't even know why? As soon as I got to basildon dogs trust movement through to have a look at him, he was gazing out of the back door window but as soon as I walked up and I was very quiet he turned around and ran to the front and looked me in the eye and as far as I'm concerned it was that moment that we both knew that he was ment to be with me, I waited around a bit till I was able to meet him and they had concerns that's he was a little unruly and didn't really mix with new people but I told them to let him come to me and he didn't stop licking me and I had him in a big bear hug in seconds, which took everyone at the centre by surprise and we haven't looked back since, he loves going to the beach and he's a good boy off lead, he gets on really well with Skylar our Siberian husky and he loves everyone, he really as a fantastic boy in every way and we love him so much and to think someone could give him away is crazy as he's a perfect husky boy, he loves his food,walks,huggs,playing and is not destructive at all which is unheard of in husky world, he really is just a beautiful loving and playful fluffy boy who melts hearts everywhere he goes.

19th November 2018

Merv from Merseyside (Liverpool)

When we first met merv We knew instantly he was meant to be part of our family he was so friendly and had a loving nature because of this there was a lot of other family’s showing interest in merv because of his lovely nature, merv is very playful and loving he loves walks and likes to play fetch he his well behaved and it is a bonus as he is house trained too we go on plenty of walks mervs favourite walks are to the beach merv has completed our family and we could not imagine our lives without him now.

23rd August 2018

Evie from Salisbury (Wiltshire)

We only went to walk the dogs and then one day we saw this little old lady, she nearly fell out of her bed to get to us, this was love at first sight, we enquired but we where told she hadnt been fully assessed, we prepared to say goodbye thinking it was fate, just about to wall oot the door when we where called back, the rest is history that was 4 years ago now, Evie and I have two walks a day, she comes everywhere with me, she is our world, I can't imagine my life without her, we took her to Spain with us when we went for 4 weeks and my little old girl took it all in her stride, she's loving life and so are We, we just wanted to give an old dog a loving and forever home.

13th March 2018

Buddy (was Biskit) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

When we first saw Buddy (was Biskit) on the website, we fell in love, but he was reserved before we could get to the centre, so we went to have a look around the centre only to find Buddy was available, it was fate, that was the Saturday, and by the Thursday he was home with us!!!! He is just fabulous, he settled in straight away, and over the past 2 months his playful side has really come out, he loves his toys and he LOVES being made a fuss of, he is a very sociable boy who loves making new friends on his walks.

2nd December 2017

Bowdy from Bridgend (Wales)

Fell in love as soon as we saw bowdy, he really is a beaut of a boy with so much love to give and plenty of energy to burn off, he has made our home and lives whole again in the space of half a day, he is my outdoor mountain walking companion and definitely a mamnys boy, we have so much love for this handsome boy and he will want for nothing, a massive credit to the staff and volunteers for all the hard work they put in to keep the dogs safe and build and nurture them ready for thier forever sofa.

13th August 2017

Joey from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

This was joey formaly known as scamp, we adopted him in 2006/07 unfortunately we lost him unexpectedly last summer however the years we had with him were the best he was always a happy chappy, he loved food even if it wasnt his well especially if it wasnt his we couldn't have asked for a better dog he was always there to comfort you whenever anyone needed cheering up he could always sense it when you needed your spirits lifting If he was having a cuddle with you if you ever stopped fussing him he would ever so subtlety lick your hand to make you continue.

24th July 2017

benji from Manchester

hi when 1st saw benji new he was the one i wanted such a little funny man with is own character ddi his own thing when 1st met us all dont think hes had much love or attention as when 1st met didnt like us stroking or fussing him boy as he changed such a loving little lad licks your hand when now sees us all and settled in so well for 3weeks since had him only had 1 toilet accident we all work so all in and out at different times hes well happy when hears the walk word even when i put my shoes on he nows were hes going so glad i chose him such a loving affectonate dog now .

22nd June 2017

Sierra from Bridgend (Wales)

When i went to dogs trust that super hot sunday, i was never expecting to walk around he corner and see my dream dog in one of the rooms, Si was laying in the bed and the back of the room, she didn't seem interested but i KNEW i had to have this beautiful girl, the second visit came earlier than expected as i just couldn't wait to see her again, the second time she saw us and she was so excited "They're back! the humans came back" when i went to pick her up i was the worst person and i began to cry! Trying so desperately to hide my tears!!1 Sierra has now been living with us for just over a month, and i cannot thank dogs trust enough for allowing us to take this amazing animal home with us, they say you're saving a dog from a rescue, but this dog definitely saved me.

27th January 2017

Milly from Merseyside (Liverpool)

We rescued Milly from Dogs Trust Liverpool, they were fantastic we brought our other Dog to introduce and went in the play barn and a few days later brought her home, Milly and Rosie got on so fine, Milly had a few accidents in the night when we first brought her home but we realised this was anxiety, she still had the occasional one but when we hear her wimp in the morning we know she wants us so one of us gets up has a play and a cuddle and she goes out in the garden and she is fine now 6am weekends when your off work ha ha but she's worth it, she has a amazing personality full of energy and is so loving always kissing your face to death she loves her running around in the fields and is always hunting for the mice, she adores the beach and chasing balls picking up sticks and plastic bottles, also cuddling up on your knee having a sleep in the evening.

3rd January 2015

Bailey (formally Coco) from Kenilworth (West Midlands)

We got our Bailey (Coco) November 2012, he was shipped in from Ireland, a day before we saw him, just had allsorts of op's & jab's, he had put himself somewhere in his mind, :( we had seen a lot of dog's over 2 day's & we were waiting for one to choose us, the girls brought Bailey into the kitchen & within seconds he was leaning into us, wow, yes we said can we take him home, he can be hard work with other doggy's but he is amazing, we love him to bits, so does his Sister Roo, :) although he does bully her a bit.

28th November 2014

Tess from Shoreham (Sussex)

We had been looking for a "sister" for Rosie and when we saw Tess on line at Shoreham we were waiting outside for them to open! Tess is a beautiful girl who thinks she is a lapdog and loves to have cuddles! She came to us for an overnight stay on the 7th December 2013 and never ever went back! Everyone who she meets always comment on her markings, Tess is a joy and loves playing with her sister, she makes us laugh when she watches TV and when she wants to takes herself off to bed (think that is to make sure she gets a space!!) She also very good at Elvis impressions, as she manages to curl her lip like he did!! We love Tess and Thank Shoreham from the bottom of our hearts for letting us have her, our family was complete when Tess arrived.

26th November 2014

Charlie from Ilfracombe (Devon)

We came to the dog's trust to rehome a fairly small dog (our little boy was only 3 at the time so didn't want anything too big) it was dark in the kennel and everyone kept walking past but I spotted this small head with big eyes staring at me and coaxed him out, out came this massive greyhound the sort of dog I had never even considered before it was love at first sight! Charlie has been with us 5 years now he makes us laugh everyday and he has never put a foot wrong.