Our Special Rehabilitation Unit

Find out how we rehabilitate dogs that need that extra bit of care at our centre.

Rehabilitated dog sitting outside Loughborough Rehoming Centre with Canine Carer

At our centre, we are fortunate to have a Specialist Rehabilitation Unit (SRU) on site. This is a quiet area of the centre with larger kennels which all have a secure compound attached to them; its main focus is on improving welfare and rehomeability of dogs.

The team work hard to train/rehabilitate dogs so that they are able to be rehomed and will find the transition easier. They also take in dogs from the centre who may be struggling and give them a bigger kennel somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The SRU has proved vital to our centre and from the day we opened back in 2012 up until May 2022, we have rehomed 122 dogs from SRU. This includes nervous dogs who have been rehabilitated to enjoy the company of people, dogs who have had severe noise phobias, resource guarding or separation anxiety (to name a few!).

Area view of the Special Rehabilitation and Training Unit

There are three separate kennel blocks with slightly different functions:

  • The Training and Behaviour block has four kennels/compounds and this is quite close to the main part of the centre so maybe better suited to dogs without noise anxieties.
  • The Specialist Training and Rehabilitation block has six kennels/compounds and is further away from the main block and could be used for pairs/small groups of dogs and can cater to noise-phobic dogs. It also has direct access to a small compound which can be used for training/enrichment.
  • The Sanctuary block has six kennels with three large paddocks attached to those (two kennels to each) and is furthest from the centre. This is best suited to very noise-phobic dogs, larger groups or dogs who benefit from more space.

Rehoming an SRU dog is extremely rewarding and many are living their best lives in forever homes currently, so please do consider them!

Interested in adopting an SRU dog?

If you'd like to offer a home to one of our very special SRU dogs, please visit our dogs' profiles and start your rehoming journey today.

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