3. After you give up your dog

What happens after you've given up your dog

With your guidance, we’ll get to know your dog and help them on to the next chapter of their tale.

We’ll make sure all their needs are met and we’ll go the extra mile so their time with us is as positive as possible.

Making sure your dog is well looked after

Once we know your dog a bit better, we’ll draw up an individual plan for them, covering things like their diet, exercise and training needs. 

And we’ll go beyond the basics to help them live life to the full. Depending on the dog’s likes that might mean a local walk with lots of interesting smells, or a fun exercise session. It could mean helping them to try something new, like we did with Stuart the Dobermann and Canicross.

Caring for them could mean extra snuggles. Or a bedtime story for a nervous pooch.

Sometimes, a dog might need some extra support to help them cope with life better. For these dogs, our training and behaviour teams will create a plan to help them adjust.

Casper playing outside

Your dog will:

  • receive a vet check
  • have their vaccinations kept up-to-date
  • have their microchip updated
  • continue with their assessments
  • enjoy several outdoor sessions a day
  • be introduced to other activities to keep them happy and stimulated
  • progress with their training

Providing a happy space for your pooch

Most dogs we care for are comfortable in the cosy kennels at our centres. Sometimes, though, a dog might not settle well in that environment. We might pick that up at our initial assessment with you, or that might become clear once the dog is at a centre.

If that’s the case, we have the option to place them with one of our Home from Home foster carers. That means they can enjoy the familiar comforts of home while we find them a loving new owner.

Louie the lurcher outside waiting to play

Finding your dog a new home

We’ll also start the search for a new home that suits your dog’s needs.

On average, it takes about a month for a dog to find a new home. Some will find a new home within days, while others will be with us for much longer. 

We’ll give your dog everything they need until we find them a new home, for as long as it takes.

Will you put my dog to sleep if you can’t find a home?

We never put a healthy dog to sleep. If we can’t find a dog a new home, or there are reasons why they can’t be rehomed, they will always have a home with us. Dogs who need specific home environments that may take a long time to find, like some of our sponsor dogs, are happy …


What if I give up my dog to you and want to take them back later?

If you think you might have made the wrong decision, get in touch with us straight away. We can talk about why you wanted to rehome your dog in the first place and what’s changed. We’ll help you make the right decision for you and your dog.   

We’ll always act in the best …


Can I visit my dog after I’ve given them up?

We don’t recommend visiting a dog once they’re in our care. Seeing you could be very distressing for them and equally distressing for you. So we ask you not to visit the rehoming centre after giving up your dog. But you’re very welcome to get in touch with us to see how they’re …


Will I be able to find out what happens to my dog?

While your dog is in our care, you’re very welcome to contact us to see how they’re doing.    

Once a dog has found a new home, unfortunately we won’t be able to give you updates or the adopter’s details. This is because of data protection law. Also, from our experience, it …


Talk to our team for friendly advice.

If you are struggling and need to give up your dog, or if you want to speak to someone for advice, we are just a phone call away.

Call us on 0300 303 2188


Have you explored the alternative options available before giving up your dog?