How does Dogs Trust care for smuggled puppies seized at UK borders? | Dogs Trust

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How does Dogs Trust care for smuggled puppies seized at UK borders?

Since the start of the investigation in 2014, Dogs Trust has discovered a severe lack of resources on the ground at UK ports (Folkestone and Dover) to stop and seize puppies if they are brought into Great Britain illegally.

Dogs Trust has taken the landmark step to care for smuggled puppies who have been seized at UK borders. The Puppy Pilot provides care and support for puppies through their time in quarantine.

When did the Puppy Pilot start?

The Puppy Pilot was launched in December 2015. Since then, Dogs Trust has cared for over 800 designer puppies including Dachshund puppies, French Bulldog puppies, Pug puppies and Chow Chow puppies. Sadly, this figure is just the tip of the iceberg.

6% of puppies rescued by the Puppy Pilot didn’t make it. They were simply too young to be separated from their mums, and couldn’t handle the dehydration, malnutrition and poor conditions they suffered on the journey.

What happens to the puppies that are seized at UK borders?

Until Dogs Trust stepped in, any puppies seized at UK borders were either put to sleep, or turned away - which would mean a longer journey as breeders would simply try their luck again at a later time. Dogs Trust will never put a healthy dog to sleep, so the future of any puppies rescued is secure. Following their time in quarantine, Dogs Trust rehomes these puppies responsibly.

How much does the Puppy Pilot cost?

In the first year of the Puppy Pilot, the average cost of a puppy going through quarantine and on to rehoming was £1,068.96.