Volunteering or applying for a job with us

Whether you apply for a job with us or to volunteer, we’ll need to collect the personal information you provide to process your application.

If you apply to work with Dogs Trust, we’ll only keep your information for the purposes of that application.

We may undertake monitoring of recruitment statistics, in line with employment and data protection law.  We won’t disclose information to a third party without your consent, unless the disclosure is required by law, such as taking up a reference, or obtaining ‘disclosure’ from the Disclosure & Barring Service.

Our Centres may also share volunteer information with us, for the purposes of keeping a register of current volunteers. Further, your personal information will be held and processed so that we can contact you about future volunteering opportunities. We’ll only hold information relating to the nature of your voluntary work and we’ll delete it in accordance with our retention policies.

Here you can read our Employee Policy , Applicant policy and Volunteer Policy.