Dogs Trust

Third Party Sales ban: our response

Today’s announcement is a positive step for animal welfare and we are pleased that our recommendation to regulate the rehoming sector is being seriously considered. We already know of cases where unscrupulous sellers set themselves up as fake breeders, with fake homes and fake puppy mums, while shipping in puppies from puppy farms or overseas. By looking to address this loophole we can also prevent unscrupulous sellers from setting themselves up as a rehoming organisation in order to continue their devious trade. This is one of a package of measures which must be addressed for a ban to be fully effective. We ask everyone to remember our famous slogan, ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®,’ when deciding to welcome a puppy into their lives.

We would like to see additional measures introduced alongside this ban to ensure it is successful and enforceable. In addition to the introduction of licensing and inspections of rehoming organisations, we would like to see an urgent review of the Pet Travel Scheme - abuse of the scheme has thus far allowed thousands of underage puppies to be smuggled into the UK - and harsher penalties for unscrupulous breeders and sellers who are currently undeterred by woefully inadequate penalties.