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Third party sales and banning the sale of puppies in UK pet shops

We want to see an end to third party sales and the sale of puppies in pet shops as part of a package of coordinated measures. There are some crucial steps that the government must take to make a ban, and Lucy’s Law, effective and avoid unintended consequences. As a priority, the governments across the UK need to regulate rehoming organisations and sanctuaries – under current rules anyone can set themselves up as one, providing an easy opportunity for devious puppy dealers to exploit this loophole. The Scottish Government is underway with plans to do just this which we are delighted to see.

In addition, whilst the Westminster Government is bringing forward a stronger system of licensing and inspection of dog breeders and sellers, this does not include the whole of the UK, or provide the full traceability we had hoped for as only those producing three or more litters will require a license – we believe this should be set at one litter. If these vital measures are not introduced we have real concerns as to how a ban could be successfully introduced and provide essential traceability and transparency of everyone involved in the trade.

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