Teacup puppies: Our thoughts

We are very concerned about small dogs like 'teacup' puppies being regarded as fashion accessories and bought on impulse.

When trends like ‘teacup’ puppies come around it causes a huge demand for smaller designer dogs, which in turns leads to  dogs being bred irresponsibly and as a result, encountering potential health and behavioural problems.

It's a common misconception that smaller dogs don't require the same level of care and attention as larger dogs, and therefore new owners can come into difficulties when they get their dog home and find them to need the same levels of training and socialisation.

As teacup puppies are so small, it’s easy to forget that they are still a dog and treat them as a toy. This is worrying, as owners could be preventing their dogs from displaying natural dog behaviours.

Our rehoming centre teams work hard to address the behavioural and health problems that can arise when people have treated their pet as a fashion accessory or toy and have not allowed their dog to exhibit and learn normal dog behaviour.

How can you make sure your puppy has been bred responsibly?