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Surge in illegal importation of puppies

Dogs Trust, the UK largest Dog welfare charity, today warns of impulsive puppy buying as Crufts takes to our TVs for 2016. 

Crufts will be showing the ‘Toys’ and ‘Utility’ groups as it kicks off the event on the 10th March, and many people will be tuning in to watch breeds such as Pugs, Dachshunds and French Bulldogs strut their stuff. Although the majority of the dogs at Crufts are well bred and healthy, the increasing popularity of these particular breeds in the UK has led to a significant increase in illegally imported puppies entering the country which are often badly bred and unhealthy.

For the past two years, Dogs Trust has campaigned to stop this cruel trade which sees underage and often poorly puppies being brought into the UK with false documentation and paperwork destined to be sold to the unsuspecting British market.

Dogs Trust is aware, that at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, there is often a surge in impulsive puppy buying. The charity is concerned that the designer breeds being paraded on the UK’s television screens will invite corrupt puppy breeders and dealers to exploit the demand and increase the number of puppies they illegally import into Great Britain. 

Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, Paula Boyden comments:

“We know that there is an ever increasing demand for certain breeds such as French Bulldogs and these breeds are being smuggled into the UK to satisfy this demand. We understand that when people see such breeds it can result in an impulsive decision to buy one. We urge members of the public to think carefully about the commitment involved in buying a puppy, and to seek advice on where to buy a puppy. These dealers often disguise themselves online as loving family homes in order to dupe their buyers so please do your research before you embark on a purchase.”

Dogs Trust is growing ever-concerned about the illegal importation of puppies and has stepped in to care for illegally imported puppies seized at the ports and has pledged to support them through quarantine. Dogs Trust has so far cared for over 120 underage ‘designer’ puppies which was just the tip of the iceberg from the Christmas trade, and fears that the quarantine kennels facilities they are using will be filled with more by the time Crufts has finished.

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