Dogs Trust

Response to DEFRA announcement on Third Party Sales

Paula Boyden, Veterinary Director says:

“We’re pleased at today's [13th May 2019] news that a ban on Third Party Sales is to be introduced in England. The welfare of our nation’s dogs is our highest priority and we will be glad to see an end to Third Party Sales of puppies and kittens. We would like to see additional measures introduced to ensure the ban is as robust as possible; there is time before April 2020 for the Government to consider regulation of rehoming organisations and sanctuaries, ensure full traceability of all puppies sold, and strengthening of the pet travel scheme.

“We urge the Government to ensure the additional pieces of the puzzle in tackling the puppy trade are put in place as soon as possible to make the ban a success.”

In detail, these are the additional measures we would like the government to address for the ban to be a success:

    • Regulation of rehoming organisations and sanctuaries: At the moment these are totally unregulated and so devious breeders could easily set themselves up as one
    • Urgent changes to the pet travel scheme: We need tougher controls on pet travel to stem the flow of illegally imported puppies into Great Britain.
    • Harsher penalties for unscrupulous breeders and dealers: For illegal traders who wouldn’t be deterred by a ban on third party sales.
    • Registration and licensing for all puppy breeders and sellers: With stronger registration and licensing requirements, unscrupulous breeders simply could not continue
    • More support for local authority inspectors: Better training and support for local authority inspectors would ensure the legislation can be properly enforced