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Our response to the Daily Mirror

We’re extremely disappointed by the skewed journalism in today’s Mirror. Mr Penman asked us ONE question; whether we’d campaign to overturn an immediate ban. We replied explaining how much we want a ban and that it will be more effective as part of a package of measures. He has singled us out but our colleagues at other large animal welfare organisations, like the RSPCA, Battersea and Blue Cross, also believe the best chance of success is alongside further measures like improved licensing. The enforcement authorities also agree.

One angle of his story, accusing us of being ‘caught lobbying Parliament to prevent an immediate ban’ he didn’t even put to us to defend. Charities regularly meet with MPs to share their knowledge and experience. A debate is being held in Parliament next week and we want to make sure MPs use their powers to make the ban as effective as possible. Making this sound underhand, when organisations regularly brief MPs and other supporters of Lucy’s Law are also meeting with politicians, is grossly misleading.

It’s hurtful when we’re attacked like this. We are raising these concerns because we genuinely think it’s best for the dogs we’re here to protect. We will be celebrating as much as anyone else when a ban is brought in but we will continue to talk to MPs and do what we can to make sure the ban we all want to happen is a success.

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