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Dogs Trust advice: Keeping safe during a storm

Following the storm, some of us may still have weather warnings in place for our local area. We've produced the following advice for anyone with any concerns relating to the safety of pets at this time:

  1. If the storm is disrupting your dog’s exercise routine, activities such as a toy filled with food so that they can use up some energy playing and ‘exploring’ for food, often work well. Games like this are also a great distraction from any unsettling sounds. If you are able to head out safely, always keep your dog on a lead in case they get scared by any sudden noises.
  2. If you know of any neighbours, relatives or friends who have pets and might be significantly affected by storm damage, then please keep in touch with them. When extreme unforeseen events like this happen, there are so many things to think about that it is very likely they will need your support.

  3.  If you are near an area that may flood, be aware that flood water could contain raw sewage, and might be contaminated. Keep you and your pet out of it as the water could contain toxins, which could be dangerous to your pet if swallowed, and could remain on their coat if not bathed properly.

  4. Pet owners should know where their pets are at all times. If there is any risk to pets kept outside, ensure they have a safe shelter, or if appropriate bring them indoors. They may be scared and unsure, and will need reassurance.

If your dog is nervous of storms, you might find our Fireworks advice helpful as many of our tips will apply.

For any further information on training your dog, please visit Dogs Trust Dog School