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It's not puppy love!

Puppies are consistently top of people’s Christmas wishlists* but between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we received 9 calls an hour from people wanting to hand over their dog, amounting to nearly 600 calls over the festive period - a 14% increase on the same period last year. A third of these calls were made because owners couldn’t cope with their dog’s behaviour. Last year over 20% of the dogs we took in (3,000 dogs) were handed in for behavioural reasons, 200 of these simply because their owners couldn’t handle their puppy’s behaviour – a figure that is expected to rise this year. But all is not lost as we have just released some new videos to help puppy owners understand their dogs better.

Our recent survey found that a quarter of dog owners wish they could teach their dog to settle when out and about and 18% wish their dog would come back when called. With 27% of people admitting to looking online for training as a first port of call, Dogs Trust is launching a series of online videos designed to help owners train their dogs and ultimately help prevent people giving up on their pooches.

We're hoping that their easy-to-follow at-home tutorials will help dog owners live a harmonious life with their pet pooches and avoid more dogs finding themselves homeless in 2018 as a result of a lack of training.

Maria Wickes, Head of Dog School at Dogs Trust says,

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas® but last year, Dogs Trust took in 200 dogs because their owners couldn’t handle their puppy behaviour. Often we find that people get a dog for Christmas and hand it over in the weeks and months afterwards because they haven’t realised how much work goes in to owning a puppy. The good news is that it’s not so hard with a few simple tips.

Dogs Trust Dog School classes are an amazing resource and through our team of expert behaviourists, we helped over 6,000 dog owners train their four-legged friends last year, but in 2018 we also wanted to create something that dog owners everywhere could access at any time of day. Our brand new at-home tutorials are designed with busy lifestyles in mind and cover all the basics from recall to preventing separation anxiety, noise fears and toilet training. We hope that by providing these essential tips and techniques via short, interactive videos, owners will be equipped with the skills needed to enjoy a lifetime together with their dogs.”

Dogs Trust Dog School classes are available in 26 locations across the UK. Find your nearest class.