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Going bag to basics to stamp our dog poo problems

Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy working with dog fouling hotspots to tackle the issue

With 8.5 million dogs in the UK, it’s safe to say we are a nation of dog lovers, but a recent survey by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, and Keep Britain Tidy reveals that as many as 1.1 million dog owners could be bagging but not binning their dog’s poo.

The survey uncovered that 13%* of dog owners have admitted to doing the unpleasant task of bagging their dog’s poo, but not going the final step to put it in the bin. Of those owners 54% cited a lack of available bins on their daily walks as the reason for not disposing of their dog’s bagged mess, while 30% said it was because the bins they encountered were too full. 52% of people surveyed said they had seen people leave bagged dog poo on the fence or in a bush and around half of people surveyed admitted that seeing bagged dog poo left behind made them feel extremely annoyed.

To help tackle the problem and remind people that any bin can be used to dispose of dog waste, Dogs Trust has teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy to launch an initiative which creates unique dog walking routes via bins, using stickers, route markers and maps to guide dog owners to their nearest available bin. The brand new scheme has been rolled out to parks in six dog fouling hotspots in the UK. There was an overall 38% uplift in the number of people bagging and binning their dog’s poo following the two month pilot programme.

The charities now hope that more local authorities will adopt the scheme and encourage dog owners not to leave their bagged dog poo behind.

Lee Paris, Campaigns Officer at Dogs Trust says:

“It’s shocking that while the majority of dog owners are responsible when it comes to picking up after their pooch, many will go to the trouble of bagging their dog poo but not binning it. We are delighted that we have been able to work with Keep Britain Tidy on this pilot scheme, introducing dog walking routes via bins. It has been such a big success and I hope this will encourage more people to bag and bin their dog’s poo. There’s a huge misconception that only dedicated dog bins are allowed but any public bin can be used to dispose of dog mess – it’s so easy, there really should be no excuse!”

Keep Britain Tidy CEO, Allison Ogden-Newton adds,

“We are delighted to have seen such a positive response to the dog walking routes via bins scheme and hope it encourages more dog owners to make the most of their nearest bins when walking their dogs. Most people are doing the most unappealing bit of actually bagging their dog’s mess, we hope this will let people know that any bin is ok to use and keep the outside clean for everyone to enjoy.”