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Our Public Affairs Team work across a variety of issues in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure the welfare of dogs is always taken into consideration by policy makers.

We chair the EU Dog & Cat Alliance, through which we also engage with EU policy makers, and call for EU action to build a better Europe for cats and dogs. For further information visit the Alliance website or call 0207 837 0006.

We also chair the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (otherwise known as PAAG). The group was created in 2001 to combat growing concerns regarding the irresponsible advertising of pets for sale, rehoming, and exchange. It comprises animal welfare organisations, trade associations and veterinary bodies. Defra, DAERA in Northern Ireland, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government have endorsed PAAG’s work. For further information, visit the PAAG website or call Charley on 0207 837 0006.

The documents on this page provide more information on UK issues. Find out more about the issues we're campaigning on by downloading our policy documents below.

You can also download our 'Dogs Trust in a nutshell' document below to find out more about the work we have achieved.

Dogs Trust Policy Document PDF 491 KB


Latest news

1. Third Party Sales

The government's announcement that they intend to ban the Third Party Sale of puppies is a positive step for animal welfare and we are pleased that our recommendation to regulate the rehoming sector is being seriously considered. Read our full statement, here.  

2. Dog theft

Did you know that in the UK around 2,000 dogs are stolen each year (but many more may go unreported); only 1 in 5 of those reported stolen are returned to their families. Read our full briefing on dog theft...

Dog Theft Briefing PDF 426 KB

3. Animal Welfare Regulations

As of 1st October 2018, legislative changes were implemented affecting anyone who breeds, sells or provides day care for dogs in England. Read our full briefing on the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018.

Animal Welfare 2018 PDF 320 KB

2. Electric Shock Collars

We are delighted that the Government has announced a ban on the use of electronic shock collars following our campaigning on this issue for several years. Scientific research has demonstrated that electronic devices which deliver an aversive stimulus have a negative impact on dog welfare, so this ban will have a major positive impact for dogs in the UK. Read our full statement, here.

Read our report on the welfare impact and efficacy of canine training methods.

The effect of training methods on animal welfare PDF 1.42 MB

4. Puppy Smuggling

We have been fighting the cruel Puppy Smuggling trade for several years. Our latest research - which highlights a horrific new twist - an increase in the number of pregnant dogs being illegally imported in the last weeks of their pregnancy so more puppies can be smuggled under the radar and sold to unsuspecting buyers in the UK, featured on Sky News and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Our work has so far resulted in over 12,000 emails to MPs from members of the public asking for their help, but we can't stop there. We must keep the pressure on to ensure the illegal smuggling of puppies is stopped. Read all of our investigative reports and find our how you can support us, here.

You can also find out if your MP has pledged to help us put a stop to Puppy Smuggling, here.

Our latest report

Puppy Smuggling: When will this cruel trade end? PDF 7.47 MB

Looking ahead in 2019...

Take a look at our 'Pawlicy' document for Westminster which outlines the key issues in dog welfare we want to address.

Pawlicy Document PDF 2.09 MB

Briefing on the recommendation of EFRA's Animal Welfare: Domestic Pets Inquiry

We were pleased the EFRA Committee chose to focus an inquiry on companion animal welfare and agreed with the vast majority of their recommendations. This briefing details those issues covered in the report and includes what we want to see happen to protect the welfare of all domestic pets.

Dogs Trust EFRA Debate Briefing PDF 502 KB


We are calling on MPs to consider animal welfare and support restrictions on fireworks use. Click here to find out more about our work to tackle this issue.

Read our policy briefing on fireworks, here:

Dogs Trust Fireworks Policy PDF 382 KB


We are calling on the Government to amend the welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations 2010 to require the publication of essential welfare data, and extend the regulations to protect the welfare of racing greyhounds whilst they are in trainers kennels.

Read our policy briefing on Greyhounds, here:

Dogs Trust Greyhound Briefing Paper PDF 399 KB

Northern Ireland

Read our manifesto for Northern Ireland outlining the key issues in dog welfare we want to address in 2019.

Northern Ireland Manifesto JPG 1.57 MB



Read our manifesto for Scotland outlining the key issues in dog welfare we want to address in 2019.

Scotland Manifesto JPG 1.74 MB


Read our manifesto for Wales outlining the key issues in dog welfare we want to address in 2019... 

Pawlicy priorities for Wales PDF 2.93 MB

Blaenoriaethau Polisi'r Dogs Trust at gyfer Cymru

Pawlicy priorities for Wales (Welsh version) PDF 1.86 MB

Latest news

1. Dogs Trust Cardiff

We recently held an event at The Senned which was sponsored by Paul Davies AM, to unveil our plans for a new state-of-the-art Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Cardiff. Due to open in 2021, Dogs Trust Cardiff will help save 1,000 dogs a year and help us to continue our work to promote responsible dog ownership in Wales through education, neutering and microchipping. Dogs of all shapes and sizes will be offered all the help they need to find a new home. Read more, here.

2. Third Party Sales

We are pleased the Welsh government has announced a consultation into a ban on Third Party Sales as it brings us one step closer to a ban becoming reality, reducing the chances of puppies suffering at the hands of unscrupulous breeders. Read our full statement, here.

Other news and events

Westminster Dog of the Year 2019

This years event will take place on Thursday 5th September 2019.

the Pawblic vote page can be found here - happy voting!

Westminster Dog Of The Year 2018

Paw-fect canine candidates, Boomer and Corona, crowned our 2018 Westminster Dog of the Year!

Westminster Dog Of The Year 2017

storming success for Rocky, a seven-year-old Labrador belonging to Batley and Spen Labour MP Tracy Brabin!

Holyrood Dog of the Year 2019... coming soon!

Holyrood Dog of the Year 2018

Paw-fect canine candidate, Maya, is crowned the first ever Holyrood dog of the year!

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If you would like to find out more, or get in touch with a member of our Public Affairs team, please click here or call 0207 837 0006.

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