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Dogs Trust launches world's first MicroChippy, just in time for Valentine's Day!

If you have been wondering how you can shower your pooch with love and affection this Valentine's Day, Dogs Trust has the answer for a 'pawfect' doggy date!

Dogs Trust has launched the MicroChippy, an exclusive canine cafe to raise awareness of the upcoming change in microchipping legislation on April 6th, when all dog owners in England, Wales and Scotland must have their pets microchipped and ensure registered address details are kept up to date or risk a fine of £500.

What is the MicroChippy?

Our exclusive canine cafe is the perfect (and only) place where you and your dog will be able to share a meal together this Valentine's Day! We've been working with the team at London's renowned gourmet hotdog and champagne bar, Bubbledogs, and alongside its chef and co-owner Sandia Chang. we've created a bespoke mutt-friendly menu, so you can enjoy the most romantic weekend of the year with your someone special.

Plus, we want to help you give your dog the best present this year, a reminder to get your dog microchipped if he isn't already.

Is the MicroChippy dog friendly?

Absolutely! We've made sure that you and your dog can enjoy a meal together, so Bubbledogs have been working with our Veterinary team to ensure the delicious delights on offer for your dog are all canine friendly. For human companions, there will be a hotdog side and glass of champagne, all for £12 per person (plus a small administration fee). Bark-gain or what?

We've made sure you'll dine in comfort as the MicroChippy has been specially designed for doggy dates, with comfortable booths, doggy bean bags and non-slip bowls.

Why are Dogs Trust doing the MicroChippy?

Microchipping your dog is the best way toreunite you with your dog should he become lost or stolen. A recent survey suggested that there are over one million dogs in the UK still not microchipped, and almost 45% of owners weren't aware that the law was changing in April.

At the MicroChippy we'll scan your dog and let you know how to find out whether your dog's chip details are up to date, and if he isn't microchipped, we'll let you know where your nearest event is taking place to get him microchipped for free by Dogs Trust before 6th April.

This all sounds great! How can I book?

Click here to make a reservation for either the 13th or 14th February. We look forward to welcoming you to the MicroChippy!

We have a few rules to ensure happy humans and hounds at the MicroChippy. If you have any questions or concerns, please do let the MicroChippy team know on arrival.

  1. If your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, or people, unfortunately they will not be suitable for the MicroChippy.

  2. If your dog is unsure of anything that you think will affect his behaviour during a visit to the MicroChippy (for example, large crowds or noise) please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate this.

  3. If your dog is unwell, unfortunately they cannot come along.

  4. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, even when seated.

  5. Please look at the menu ahead of your visit. As this is a set menu, we can’t accommodate changes.

  6. Please do bring your own poo bags in case they are needed.

  7. Each sitting will last for 45 minutes, so please arrive promptly to make sure you can enjoy the full Microchippy experience!

  8. Treats should be given in moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet, please adjust you dog's diet accordingly.

  9. If your dog has any allergies or intolerances, please contact your Vet before visiting the MicroChippy.

  10. If your dog is causing an issue with either other dogs or owners, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the Microchippy.