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Dogs Trust: Dog friendly Christmas menu

As Christmas approaches we all look forward to indulging on a festive feast and the temptation is for all the family, including the pets to join in. Luckily, we have come up with a dog friendly Christmas menu that means everyone can enjoy some traditional treats without any of the worry!

Sadly, many people also unwittingly over-indulge their dogs with festive treats and human foods that in some cases can prove fatal. Dog poisoning is a serious problem and every Christmas a worrying number of dogs become seriously ill after eating human foods such as chocolate and raisins.

Feeding your dog human foods can have dire consequences such as vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy and in some cases chronic breathing difficulties. Other dangerous foods for dogs include grapes, mince pies, Christmas puddings, whole brazil nuts, alcohol, onion, raw potato (green), turkey bones and high content cocoa chocolate.

However, it’s not always the dog owner’s fault. Greedy dogs have been known to feed on festive treats such as chocolate tree decorations when their owner’s back is turned. To prevent an emergency trip to the vet this Christmas ensure all naughty treats are hidden and out of sight and smell of greedy paws!

Dogs Trust veterinary director, Paula Boyden, suggests:

 “As a vet I have seen some terrible examples of dog poisoning over the Christmas period. In many cases the owner was totally unaware of the hidden dangers and was simply intending to be kind to their dog who was eager to share in the festive treats. Like with humans, all foods should be given in moderation.

Other festive items to avoid giving your dog include Holly berries, Mistletoe, xylitol based sweetener and alcohol such as mulled wine.”

However, help is at hand. Dogs Trust has devised a delicious, three-course Doggy Christmas Menu specially designed with dogs in mind. Veterinary approved dishes include Mutt Nog, Cranberry and Turkey Goble Gobble, Pooches Glazed Vegetables and Doggy Mince Pies.

Though do remember, any changes in your dog’s diet can result in upset tummies so even this yummy food should be fed in small amounts.

Download the Dogs Trust Christmas menu!

Christmas menu PDF 936 KB

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