Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust applauds the Welsh government decision to retain existing legislation prohibiting the use of electric shock collars in Wales

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, enthusiastically welcomes the Welsh Government’s decision to retain legislation outlawing the use of electric shock collars in Wales.

The charity, which has a rehoming centre in Bridgend, is delighted that the Welsh Government-commissioned independent review findings into existing 2010 Electronic Collars Regulations upheld the existing ban on the use of electric shock collars and electronic fencing systems for dogs - deeming the latter a clear welfare concern. Dogs Trust have long campaigned against the use of Electric Shock collars in the UK and hope that this decision will set a precedent for the rest of the UK to follow this progressive step in animal welfare.

Sian Edwards, Dogs Trust Wales Campaigns Manager: 

“We are so relieved that the Welsh government have responded appropriately following evidence presented in an independent scientific review, and hope that England, Northern Ireland and Scotland will follow suit and ban these cruel training devices. 

"As highlighted by the review aversive training techniques, which include electric shock collars can cause pain and distress to dogs. The use of such techniques is likely to compromise the welfare of dogs and may in fact worsen behavioural problems.

"Dogs Trust believes that the use of electronic shock collars is unacceptable from a welfare perspective and is actually unnecessary and ineffective. The charity believes that every dog should be trained using kind, fair and reward-based methods. These are proven to be highly successful in modifying behaviour including aggression, without subjecting dogs to such cruelty."