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Dog Emoji have arrived!

  • Keyboard features 23 of the UK’s most popular dog breeds in emoji form
  • Emoji based on real dogs looking for homes in Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres
  • Available to download for free on iOS and Android from 26th August 2015

Today, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust, launches the first ever dog emoji keyboard to represent 23 of the most popular breeds in the UK.*

Last week Apple announced details of their Unicode 9.0 emoji range appearing in keyboards from next year. A similar update in April provided a more racially diverse range of characters but, despite this positive step forward, there are still only a handful of dogs in the current emoji range even though one in every four (24 per cent**) UK households now includes a pet pooch. The arrival of Dogs Trust Emoji aims to celebrate canine diversity in all its barking glory!

Nine million dogs live in homes across the UK, from smiling Staffordshire Bull Terriers to cheeky Cocker Spaniels. Using Dogs Trust data and pet population figures, the charity has compiled a list of the 23 most popular breeds for their first ever keyboard, immortalising them in emoji form forever.

Each character on the keyboard has been based on a real life dog searching for their pawfect match at one of 20 Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres in the UK and Ireland.

Through the Dogs Trust Emoji keyboard, the charity hopes to harness the power of the world’s fastest growing language*** to highlight the sheer variety of breeds that they see at their rehoming centres as well as allowing dog owners and dog lovers from across the globe to share and enjoy their favourite breeds in messages to friends and family.

Adrian Burder, CEO of Dogs Trust says,

“As the UK’s largest welfare charity, we have a responsibility to ensure all are fairly treated, and represented, in both the digital and real world. While we fully support the recent updates to diversify the emoji keyboard, with nine million canines in family homes across the country, we also feel deserve that same representation. We see so many wonderfully different every day, we wanted to share this with the public! We’re delighted to launch Dogs Trust Emoji which will allow us to celebrate the wonderful variety of our UK population in a fun and creative way.”

Dogs Trust Emoji is available to download for free on Apple iOS and Google Android

Terms and conditions:

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For anyone who is concerned about allowing this app full access to your keyboard, you can simply open the app and share all of the emoji directly from the app itself.