All of me, loves all of poo

On the most romantic day of the year (February 14th), Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, has released a new video, 'A Tail of True Love,' urging dog owners to make the ultimate declaration of love and pledge to pick up after their pooch.

The one minute film showcases various 'doggy date' scenarios, depicting the love between dogs and their owners - from sharing a picnic in the park to life drawing, and ending with the biggest act of devotion an owner can perform - picking up after their pooch.

With 11% of dog owners admitting to not always picking up after their four-legged friend*, and 91% thinking that they can only get rid of their doggy's doo in designated bins, the charity hopes this tongue-in-cheek film will encourage owners to scoop their dog's poop, and remind them that they can use any public bin to dispose of it.

Dogs Trust is asking the public to spread the message by sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter, remembering to include #dogstrustbigscoop.

Alex Jackson, Head of Campaigns at Dogs Trust says,

"The bond between a dog and an owner is a wonderful thing - that's why we are asking dog owners to make the ultimate commitment to their four-legged friend this Valentine's Day and pledge to pick up after their canine companion. Whilst belly rubs and long walks are an important part of dog ownership, nothing says I love you, like picking up your dog's poo!"

Alex continues,

"It's a common misconception that dog poo can only be disposed of in designated bins. In fact, any public bin can be used. The minority of owners that don't pick up after their dog unfairly give all owners a bad name, so, while a small deed, picking up after your dog is a huge part of responsible dog ownership. Last year, we saw a 59% reduction in dog fouling following our 'The Big Scoop' campaign and hope this video will act as a reminder to all devoted dog owners out there, to always pick up after their pooch."