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Welsh Government announce consultation on Third Party Sales of puppies

We are pleased the Welsh government has announced a consultation into a ban on Third Party Sales as it brings us one step closer to a ban becoming a reality, reducing the chance of puppies suffering at the hands of unscrupulous breeders.

We support a ban on Third Party Sales, and would like to see it introduced alongside a package of measures to ensure its success, including the regulation of rehoming, an urgent review of the Pet Travel Scheme and harsher penalties for unscrupulous breeders taken into consideration by the Welsh Government.   

We would also like:

  • Rehoming organisations and sanctuaries to be regulated through licensing and inspection, currently anyone can set themselves up as one which leaves a gaping loophole for immoral breeders and sellers to continue their trade, even with a ban;
  • Full traceability and transparency by registering anyone who is selling a litter, along with licensing and inspection for those producing more than one litter;
  • Vital training and support for local authority inspectors to enforce the right breeding standards;
  • Urgent changes to the Pet Travel Scheme to stem the flow of illegally imported puppies into Great Britain along with harsher penalties given to these unscrupulous breeders and traders who wouldn’t be deterred by a ban on third party sales

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