Dogs Trust

The Scottish Government has announced its programme for government.

Today’s announcement that the Scottish Parliament will soon legislate to increase the sentences available for animal cruelty is welcome news. 

Animal cruelty in any form is abhorrent and inexcusable, today’s news means we are one step closer to having sentences that reflect the seriousness of these offences that are sadly carried out on a daily basis. We hope that increased sentences coupled with robust enforcement, will act as a deterrent to criminals and protect more dogs from harm. These measures also include expediting the rehoming or selling on of dogs being detained in kennels during legal proceedings which are crucial in our aims to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has also announced plans to create a modern licensing system for dog breeding, selling, sanctuaries and rehoming. These much needed measures will significantly improve the vastly outdated system currently in operation, ensuring up-to-date understanding of animal health and welfare are being used by anyone involved in these activities.

With the welfare of our nation’s dogs being our highest priority, we will be pleased to see an end to Third Party Sales of puppies and kittens in Scotland. This is a vital step in helping to reduce the chance of puppies suffering at the hands of unscrupulous breeders and traders.

We would also like to see additional measures introduced to ensure the ban is as robust as possible. We strongly encourage the Scottish Government to consider further measures to ensure full traceability of all puppies being bred and sold and strengthening of the pet travel scheme.

We look forward to working with the Government on these issues.