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Puppy Smuggling: Press Materials

In November 2014, Dogs Trust published our in-depth investigative report, The Puppy Smuggling Scandal. The investigation focused on the puppies travelling into Britain under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). Puppies entering the country under PETS must not be for sale. They need to be at least 15 weeks old, microchipped, vaccinated against rabies, treated for tapeworm, and have a pet passport.

However, our investigation found evidence that underage puppies are regularly being brought into Great Britain, in the majority of cases with falsified data on their passports, by commercial dealers from Central and Eastern Europe who were using PETS as a cover. These puppies are too young to travel, meaning their vaccinations are invalid - if they even have them at all. They are then being sold to unsuspecting families in this country, who often have no idea that they have a pet from abroad until their vet finds a foreign microchip and the puppy is seized and quarantined.

We presented our report to the Government, urging them to implement our recommendations without delay. They presented changes to PETS – which came into force in December 2014 – as a solution to all of the problems we identified. We, however, were unconvinced by this, and were continuing to hear reports of illegally imported puppies. We therefore decided to undertake a second investigation from March – June of this year to see what had changed.

Here is what we found out. Puppy Smuggling, the scandal continues…


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Puppy Smuggling 2015: Press Materials

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Lithuania: In Lithuania a vet tells us that people are very creative when it come to smuggling puppies into Great Britain, and that the best way is to sedate them, we were also supplied with a falsified passport. This video details our visit.

Romania: This video filmed in Romania shows the horrible conditions in which puppies are being bred. Some viewers may find this upsetting.

Puppy Smuggling 2014: Press Materials

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