Dogs Trust Partnership Award

We work closely with local authorities across the UK to help promote and facilitate responsible dog ownership. We commissioned some initial research to look into the different approaches taken by local authorities to provide for dog welfare in their communities, and what this was costing them.. You can see the findings in our report.

Local Authority Approaches to Dog Welfare PDF 3.23 MB

Front line staff at local authorities are telling us that whilst they want to take a more proactive approach to promote responsible dog ownership in their communities, they increasingly only feel able to deliver the required, statutory minimums. We are keen to help local authorities overcome some of these challenges, and have launched the Dogs Trust Partnership Award pilot scheme – an opportunity to work in partnership with 15 of the local authorities who took part in our original research, to support them in introducing more proactive techniques to their dog welfare work.

Interested in finding out more about our Partnership Award scheme? You can email us. We’ll be posting details of the participating local authorities as soon as they are confirmed.

With our support, local authorities can take the lead in making sure every dog can enjoy a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.