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Have you seen our Ads on Gumtree

Here's Why.

We have recently started to advertise our dogs for rehoming on Gumtree. We'd like to reassure everyone who has expressed concern about this that our normal stringent rehoming processes remain in place for anyone interested in a dog on the site. All potential rehomers will still have to visit our rehoming centres in person, complete the same rehoming questionnaire and pre-adoption steps in exactly the same way they do when they visit our own website. It is simply another advertising route that we are trialing.  

It would be wonderful if everyone looking for a dog came to Dogs Trust first; sadly this doesn't happen and many people don't even consider getting a rescue dog and will automatically go online to start their search. With over seven million visitors to Gumtree each month we hope to showcase our wonderful dogs to a much wider audience to give them the best possible chance of finding a loving new home. We also hope to raise awareness of rescue dogs and show potential dog owners that there are other more ethical and appropriate ways of getting a pet.

So why Gumtree?

Dogs Trust is a member of the Pet Advertising Advisory Group and has been working in consultation with Gumtree for the last couple of years to develop a set of Minimum Standards which will improve the welfare of pets and better protect members of the public from ending up with sick, dangerous or even illegal animals. These standards have been endorsed by the Government and Gumtree is one of the first websites to sign up to them. The site has demonstrated its long term commitment to improving its systems to filter out inappropriate adverts. We know some unscrupulous advertisers will go to huge lengths to get round the system so there will always be examples of adverts that should not have been posted. When highlighted by members of the public or PAAG - Gumtree's moderators ensure they are removed and reported to the correct authority.

We do understand that some people feel pets should not be advertised online but in this digital age we know this is an unrealistic ambition. We feel it is essential to improve standards to protect dogs and their owners rather than futilely attempt to have them closed down.