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Breeding and Sale of Dogs - The problem and the solution

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There are more places than ever to buy a puppy and the recent growth of online classified sites has led to increasing numbers of people using the internet to source their pets. We are concerned with the increase of dogs being bred purely for profit.

 Due to lack of regulations there are cases of irresponsible breeders advertising dogs online which have been kept in poor conditions and even smuggled into the UK from abroad. What’s more, in certain cases, breeders have illegally offered dogs banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The solution

 We chair the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG) [link] which has established a set of minimum standards on advertising animals online and engages with website providers in the UK to help them distinguish legitimate adverts from those that they should be wary of.

We are calling for the Government to strengthen legislation surrounding dog breeding and advertising. We particularly want to see:

  • A review of the Pet Animals Act 1951 to consider its effectiveness in the twenty-first century culture of online sales and impulse buys
  • Improved breeding conditions and practices through effective license requirements