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The results are in and we've got the scoop... on The Big Scoop!

Its official – dog poo is a sticky issue that affects everyone, whether you are a dog owner or not. Here at Dogs Trust, we understand just how frustrating the ‘poo issue’ can be and so last week we launched “The Big Scoop” in association with Keep Britain Tidy to encourage people to pick up after their dogs, and most importantly, to make sure everyone knows where they can dispose of it.

Hung on trees, wrapped up and thrown in the bushes, or left on the pavement are just some of the places our supporters have identified as the most annoying places people leave their doggy’s doo.

Firstly, to help us dig out the facts about how messy this issue is, we got the ‘scoop’ from our Facebook supporters with a range of questions to evaluate how regularly people see dog poo, what they hate most about it, and their advice on getting rid of it.

Unsurprisingly, nearly one third of people said they had encountered dog poo within the last month, whilst 24% were in the presence of doggy doo as they took part in the poll, and a mere 1% has never seen any!

Next, we asked how often people are seeing dog poo in their local area. A whopping 66% of people said they see dog poo every time they leave the house, which means that people not picking up after their dog is just as big a problem as we first thought. Just over 9% of people said that seeing dog poo was a weekly occurrence and sadly, only 1% of respondents said that people in their community always pick up after their pooches.

But where can you dispose of it? Over 20% of survey entries said that dog poo should be put in a “designated dog poo bin,” which although correct, was not the answer we were looking for. The right answer, which only 6% of our supporters guessed correctly, is that dog poo can be disposed of in any bin. Yes, that’s right, any public bin will do.

As a nation of dog lovers, we must accept that our beloved furry friends (that’s over 8 million of them in the UK) produce over 1,000 tonnes of dog poo a day. That’s the equivalent of 200 elephants, three airplanes or 100 double decker buses.

The Big Scoop is all about reminding everyone that this unpleasant, anti-social and unhygienic problem can be sorted by remembering one simple rule: Any public bin will do.