It was love at first scoop...

We may be a nation of dog lovers but with a population of 8 million dogs in the UK, unwanted dog mess in public places is a huge issue. Dog fouling is seen as one of the biggest nuisances blighting public places in the UK – more than littering, pollution, traffic and smoking. Local authorities in the UK received over 81,000 complaints about dog mess last year alone.

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To mark this year’s The Big Scoop campaign, an initiative aimed at encouraging everyone to pick up after their dogs, we have provided seven areas in the UK with attention grabbing installations including poo bag dispensers, bench wraps and boards, posters and bin stickers that feature “love lines” from dogs to dog owners.

The installations can be found in Croydon, Newcastle, Lisburn, Cornwall, Hastings, Flintshire and Fife. Email Dogs Trust to find out more about The Big Scoop locations.

The aim of the campaign is to not only to generate awareness of the issues about dog fouling but to encourage dog owners to dispose of their pooch’s poop and stress that dog mess can be placed in any public bin.

If you are a dog owner show your dog you love them and pick up their poop! 86% of dog owners are happy to scoop.

Dogs Trust is encouraging organisations nationwide to get involved in the Big Scoop and tackle the messy problem of dog fouling in their communities.

Download our free posters here, or email us to request them by post.

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