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UPDATE: Our rehoming centres are closed until further notice, however we are now able to rehome a small number of our amazing dogs. Each dog’s profile will let you know if they are looking for a new home. For the time-being, we are unable to register your interest for dogs who are not yet available for rehoming.

It’s a Pup’s Life Launch Event

If Woofs Were Words – the campaign that encourages owners to see the world through the eyes of their dogs and make the right choices for their welfare.

On Tuesday the 28th of March, the Dogs Trust North of England Campaign teams took over the Kingston Community Centre in Manton, Worksop to launch their ‘It’s a Pup’s Life’ campaign, which aims to highlight responsible puppy ownership. The Community Centre became suitably yellow and filled to the brim with exciting toys, treats and objects in order to show owners just what is involved when you bring a puppy into your home.

The socialisation desk was popular with our dog loving owners, where it was explained just how important it is to socialise puppies to different sights, sounds, smells and animals. The table held a variety of items including toys, hats, bottles, walking sticks and even different textured surfaces to walk on (slippy laminate flooring can be daunting for a puppy who is used to carpet!) It is a lot to take in, but we know that the more the puppy is exposed to on a daily basis, the happier they are going to be in the long run.

Puppies were able to have a health check and free microchip with our Veterinary Nurse. A basic health check includes checking a puppy’s eyes, ears, nose and teeth, feeling their legs and body all the way down to the dog’s tail. Advice was also given on the importance of vaccinations and flea and worm treatment, and also the health benefits of neutering. We all know the importance of exercising and keeping nice and trim, so puppies were given the chance to go around our super exciting agility course. This was especially fun for all involved although we’re not sure who enjoyed this most – the puppies or us!

Each owner was provided with a puppy pack containing a tug toy and an important information booklet that highlights their responsibilities, the approximate costs of owning a puppy, the necessary veterinary routine treatments and how to provide the best quality of life. Our campaign teams will also be taking free puppy packs to all North of England Community Events for those wanting to know more about the responsibility of owning a puppy, so come along to our future events to find out more!