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If Woofs Were Words – Woof, Waggle and Waistline Launch Event

If Woofs Were Words – the campaign that encourages owners to see the world through the eyes of their dogs and make the right choices for their welfare.


If woofs really were words, we know our dogs would tell us that they want to do more activities with us that would be good for their health and wellbeing. We also know that even without words, those puppy-dog eyes can convince us to give our dogs more unhealthy treats than are good for them! It was with this in mind that the North of England Campaigns Team took to Seaham Leisure Centre on the 11th April 2017 for a fun-filled day with a potentially life-changing message. As seen in the above photo, the event was opened by Grahame Morris, MP, Easington alongside Denise Kelly, Campaigns Manager for the North, Dogs Trust.


It is estimated that 1 in 3 dogs across the nation are overweight, and at our launch event our veterinary nurse found a staggering half of the dogs that attended were heavier than they should be! Very few people realised that their dogs were overweight, and it came as quite a surprise when we advised them that their canine companions should shed a few pounds.


It’s quite easy for owners not to notice when their pets have piled on the pounds, but Dogs Trust was on hand to offer an abundance of free advice. We had a colourful table piled with props to show owners that tackling their dogs’ weight issues doesn’t have to be complicated. Our veterinary nurse showed people how to measure out their dog’s daily food allowance on kitchen scales and to keep it in a Tupperware box to use for meals and treats for the whole day. Seeing exactly how much food your dog should eat in one day helps you not to feed them fattening extras. Another top tip is to replace high-calorie commercial dog treats with something healthy, such as a small piece of carrot. Many owners were shocked to discover that the dental sticks they had been feeding their dog every day are actually very high in fat.


For those dogs and their owners who were ready to get started on their new lifestyle straightaway, we had a fun agility course ready and waiting where owners could lead their dogs over jumps, through tunnels and between weaving poles. Judging by the wagging tails, the dogs were delighted to be taking their first steps towards a more streamlined version of themselves.


For owners, free blood pressure tests and weight loss guidance for humans were offered by NHS Wellbeing For Life. The Walk4Life team were also there to encourage owners to walk their dogs to increase fitness levels for both human and dog.


For further tips and a weight loss programme for your dog, download our free Woof, Waggle and Waistline booklet below, or call the North of England Campaigns Office on 01325 335 055 if you would prefer a pack to be posted to you.

Woof Waggle and Waistline booklet PDF 1.8 MB