Dogs Trust Supporter does a very special Great North Run in memory of special pup

Sophie Farrugia is running 22 miles on 13th September.

Sophie Farrugia rehomed her best friend Jarvis, a Jack Russell cross from Dogs Trust Darlington in October 2011.

 Jarvis had a difficult time before he came to Dogs Trust, he was a nervous boy and didn’t trust new people. However, when Sophie came to Dogs Trust looking for a canine partner it was Jarvis that stole her heart.

Sophie explains “Jarvis wasn’t your typical cute, adorable dog. He had an overbite - his top jaw was longer than his bottom jaw. He was clumsy, goofy with a massive snout but I wouldn’t change him for the world.”

Jarvis had to visit Sophie’s home a few times before moving in because it took time for him to build up trust due to his previous living situation.

Sophie told us:

“I needed to work with him. This just made our bond even stronger. He showed how clever he was on his first visit home. I swear I could see him thinking if I behave in the car and sit there with my chest out this will be my home. He was polite with my cat. In fact my cat, Treacles showed him who was boss by tapping Jarvis on the nose. Jarvis took it in his stride.”

Sophie went on to build a true friendship with Jarvis:

“As time went on, Jarvis slowly began to trust other people and dogs and he lived an extremely happy life. He loved chasing his ball especially on the beach.”

Sadly Jarvis passed away in August last year, after being with her since he was 10 month old.

So, when Sophie decided to sign up to run the Great North Run in memory of Jarvis to raise funds for Dogs Trust, we were so grateful. However, the unexpected happened and due to the Covid-19 crisis the Great North Run was cancelled for 2020.

Luckily that hasn’t stopped Sophie, who decided to set herself our own amazing challenge to run from her home in Durham to Dogs Trust Darlington on the weekend the Great North Run would have taken place, 13th September.

Sophie says “I’m running from my home to the Darlington’s Dogs Trust which is about 22 miles. I hate running but Jarvis absolutely loved it!”

She continues “despite not liking running and despite I’m not a long distance runner, I feel this the perfect tribute for Jarvis, to give back to the charity that gave me my boy!”

Good luck, Sophie!  

We’d like to wish Sophie the very best of luck with her challenge, as well as being a lovely way to remember Jarvis, she is raising funds to help the many dogs in our care waiting to find their forever homes.

You can read more about Sophie & Jarvis’s story and sponsor her here:

Feeling inspired? If you are interested in running your own Great North Run with Dogs Trust, there is a virtual event for you! For more details visit: