Doggy Date Night Ideas

Doggy Date Night ideas

It’s okay to admit it. 9 in 10 of us would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with our dog.*

We’re a nation of dog lovers, from their fluffy ears to their soft paws. To celebrate our love for our four-pawed friends, we’re sharing out top doggy date night ideas so you can spend some quality time with your doggo.

For the foodies

The way to a dog’s heart: TREATS. Why not make a graze board for your dog?

Gather a few of your dog’s favourite treats and arrange them on a board or plate to create the ultimate doggy tasting platter. For more fun, bury them in a snuffle mat or another puzzle feeder toy. Don’t forget to adjust your dog’s normal food amount to account for the extra snacks!

For healthy snack ideas, take a look at our quick fridge-to-dog treats.

The thrill seekers

Take your dog on an adventure you can both enjoy.

Go for a walk somewhere new so your dog can soak up the new and exciting smells. For adventurous doggos, give doggy barkour a go. If it's safe to do so, and you've checked they're not likely to fall or lose balance, encouraging your dog to place their paws on objects such as tree stumps or to balance on or walk along fallen trees can be an exciting way to liven up a walk.

The sofa snugglers

Dogs are the ideal Petflix and Chill companion as they will never reveal spoilers.

Not sure what to watch? Curl up on the sofa together and watch your favourite dog movie. If your dog isn’t a fan of TV, why not build them their own doggy den.

The explorers

There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll on the beach.

Make sure to double check your local beach’s rules around taking dogs to the beach before you head off. If you’re taking public transport, take a look at our advice on travelling with your dog. If you aren’t near the beach, research dog-friendly parks in your area and explore somewhere new!

The geeks

Make your bond with your dog even stronger this V’day by practicing your training.

We’ve got plenty of how-to videos, from teaching your dog to settle to patience at doorways.

Take a look at our training videos.

The socialites

You can’t beat the classic dinner and drinks for date night.

If your dog knows how to settle and knows not to beg for food, take them out to your local dog-friendly pub or restaurant. If they are good with other dogs, it’s the perfect chance to put their socialisation training to practice.

Learn more about how dogs communicate with each other.

The picnickers

Snacks in the park make for the perfect doggy date.

Getting outside into the world and enjoying all the wonderful sights and smells it has to offer is as fun for us as it is our dogs, so it's also a perfect way to spend some quality time with your pooch.

Take a look at our guide for teaching your dog proper picnic etiquette.

Share your doggy date night

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*Dogs Trust polled 10,096 people on social media, asking them would they rather spend Valentines Day with their dog or their partner.