Amazon wish lists

During lockdown, when we couldn’t accept donations in person, our wonderful supporters kept our dogs comfy and entertained by sending us bedding, treats and toys by using our Amazon wish lists. A massive thank you to everyone who sent us a gift. 

Send a gift to your local centre

Our wish lists  are a brilliant way to help our centres provide the dogs in our care extra enrichment , playtime and treats. Each centre has their own wish list  of the specific items their dogs would love. And anything you buy is sent directly to them and goes straight to our dogs!

We’re also thrilled to be able to accept pre-loved goods at our centres again. So if you have any old towels, duvets, pillows, dog beds, blankets, or anything else you think our dogs might like – please give us a call on 0303 003 0000 and we’ll be able to find your nearest centre and check  

Here are a few special requests from some dogs at our Harefield centre, all of which can be found on Harefield’s Amazon wish list.

Frank wants a new antler to chew


Max would love a new collar


Finn's hoping for a new ball for a game of fetch!


Loki would love tasty a pig’s ear


Send a gift to your local centre