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How you can protect the environment and help our pooches

Put your old printer cartidges to good use.

Happy dog

We've all had – "ink/toner cartridge running low" pop up on our screen before, and if you're like the rest of us, you've waited until its bone dry before even thinking about getting a replacement.

But when you've finally got it replaced, what happens to your used cartridge? Thankfully, because of The Recycling Factory, you can now put those old and empty cartridges to good use.

The Recycling Factory run a scheme where they give individuals a unique way to help support their favourite charities! You can make sure your old ink and toner cartridges are disposed of in a professional, and eco-friendly manner whilst helping charities like Dogs Trust provide love and support for thousands of dogs every year. You can choose Dogs Trust to receive 100% of the value made from recycling ink and toner cartridges, just from the click of a button!

By using this scheme, your old cartridges can turn in to new donations and provide everything from comfy beds to keep our pawfect pooches well rested to new agility equipment that helps with enrichment and training.

All you need to do is visit the Dogs Trust page on The Recycling Factory's website where you can print off a freepost label and start raising some money for our pawfect pooches and help protect our environment.