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Super Staffies take the win

Staffordshire Bull Terrier voted Britain’s favourite breed

Tyra from Dogs Trust Manchester

We were all glued to our TV screens last night as ITV counted down the nation’s most popular dog breeds, as voted for by the great British public.

A survey of 10,000 people was carried out with the results broadcast live on a special program hosted by Sara Cox and Ben Fogle.

The list was lengthy and included many breeds you’d expect such as Spaniels, Poodles, Labradors and Pugs as well as some lesser known breeds such as Schipperkes, Borzois and Leonbergers.

The winner however was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and we can totally understand why. It would appear that the fun and bubbly character of this breed coupled with their loving nature has truly captured the hearts of the public.

To celebrate the wonders of the Staffy breed we thought we’d introduce you to some of our Super Staffies who are currently looking for their forever homes right here at Dogs Trust. Check out their profiles and you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

Buster | Leeds

This super cuddly boy is 8 years old and living with a foster carer so he can still enjoy some home comforts. He is so playful and after a nice walk he loves to cuddle on the sofa where he’ll usually nod off on your knee!

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Tyra | Manchester

She’s an older lady, but there’s a lot of life in her still! She still enjoys learning new things and has a very bouncy and playful character. She is absolutely toy obsessed and will play all day if she could.

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Eric | Ballymena

Eric loves to play with his toys. He enjoys his walks and getting treats too. His favourite thing to do is to curl up for an afternoon nap in his armchair.

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Kiko | Basildon

Beautiful Kiko is a real foodie she adores all treats any shape or size! She is an adventurous girl who loves the great outdoors and will enjoy long walks out in the countryside. 

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Rubin | Bridgend

Rubin is a lovely lad and is affectionate and loving once he knows you. He's looking for an active home who can take him on quiet walks.

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Jess | Darlington

Jess absolutely loves playing games with her carers. She enjoys a game of tug and chasing a ball. She is a huge fan of a big cuddle and then a snooze in her favourite squashy bed. 

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Casper | Glasgow

Casper is a handsome big chap who loves to play with toys, especially squeaky tennis balls! He loves to lie in the sun, snoozing in the back garden. Casper is a very clever cookie! 

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Cassie | Ilfracombe

Cassie is a fun loving girl who loves to meet new people and share a good game of fetch with them. Cassie also likes to have some good quality time having a fuss and a bit of a cuddle.

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Snoop | Kenilworth

Snoop is a friendly gent who enjoys being in the company of humans. He's looking for a quiet home with a garden, a soft comfy bed and plenty of love.

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Eric | Leeds

Now there’s never a dull moment with Eric around! He’s full of life and has such a fun personality. He’s very clever and loves learning new tricks and spending time with his favourite handlers. Once he knows you he is a very affectionate boy too.

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Munchkin | London (Harefield)

This little angel is a bubbly natured girl. One of her favourite hobbies is to play with her squeaky tennis balls and her best game in the world is playing fetch with her people.

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Miley | Loughborough

Miley is a very sweet and very clever dog who just loves to be around people. She knows plenty of tricks and just loves to show them off for anyone!

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Alfie | Manchester

This super cuddly boy is living with a foster carer so he can still enjoy some home comforts. He is so sweet natured and loves to cuddle. He really likes a good bum scratch too!

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Brad | Merseyside

Brad is silly and playful and has the most unusual colouring. He loves to be told how handsome he is and he absolutely loves to play. He has a variety of favourite toys!

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Mickey | Newbury

Sweet little Mickey loves the company of people, although he can be a little worried to start. Mickey loves his food and treats and also playing with his toys.

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Holmes | Salisbury

Holmes likes to be out on his walks in quiet areas, where there are lots of nice smells. He is a clever chap that would loves for his new family to do lots of fun activities to keep his active mind busy.

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Sophie | Shoreham

Sophie is a senior Staffie Cross with a loveable character. Her favourite things to do are: finding toys & carrying them to her bed to build up her collection, munching on a tasty bonio, short walkies in quiet areas or snuggling up next to her favourite people.

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Buster | Shrewsbury

Buster is a senior gentleman who enjoys the company of people & other dogs. He likes to be close to his human family and is looking for a quiet retirement home where he can put his elderly paws up in comfort. 

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George | West Calder

George is a lovely 7 month old Staffy. He is an energetic and playful chap who is full of joy and fun! He loves his walks, playing with his toys, and getting lots of cuddles!

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