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How to celebrate your dog's birthday safely

Advice on birthday celebrations with help from Daniel the Spaniel.

Daniel the Spaniel safely celebrates his tenth birthday.

Dogs are part of the family, so it’s only natural to want to celebrate our furry friends’ birthdays and gotchya days. We’re sharing some advice on how you can celebrate in a fun way, while being safe at the same time.

Some dogs might not want to be the centre of attention, even on their birthday. If this is the case, giving them a present that they can enjoy by themselves is a great idea. A dig box can be a perfect gift as dogs will love sniffing out the special treats and toys you can hide inside. Place the treats or toys inside a cardboard box, then fill it with small strips of newspaper. Always make sure you’re able to supervise your dog and remember that doggy treats need to be given in moderation (even on birthdays!)

Items such as balloons or party hats might look a little strange to a dog, so it can be best to keep these out of reach to avoid the risk of balloons unexpectedly bursting. Dogs may feel a little unsure in general about all the extra fuss, meaning they might decide to keep out of the way. Let them choose what they want to do to ensure they feel as happy and safe as possible.

One of our office dogs, Daniel the Spaniel, recently celebrated his 10th birthday. Daniel was adopted from Dogs Trust Harefield and he absolutely loves food. Knowing that Daniel is quite a social dog who feels comfortable in the office, we held a little celebratory ‘pawty’ in his honour. Daniel thoroughly enjoyed playing with his dig box – his nose knows no bounds when it comes to a tasty treat!

Don’t worry if your dog isn’t as comfortable as Daniel and prefers to avoid the crowd – they don’t know it’s their birthday after all and it's more important to celebrate in a way that makes your best friend feel safe!